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Penny Dowdy's Animal Cells PDF

By Penny Dowdy

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Others can grow much larger. The barrel sponge, for example, is big enough for a person to fit inside of it. The cells on the outside of a sponge protect the animal from dangers in the water. 30 Sponges are animals, so that means they have specialized cells. One type of cell is found in the outer covering. Another type of cell is found inside the creature. These cells take in nutrients when water flows through the sponge. Many sponges are simple. You could pull one apart, piece by piece, and any part with both types of cells could turn into a new sponge.

9. Telophase II The chromosomes reach the opposite ends of the cell. The nuclear membrane reappears around each new nucleus. The long fibers disappear. 10. Cytokinesis The cell splits apart. There are now four daughter cells, each with only 23 chromosomes. 29 Simple Animals Animals come in many shapes and forms. Some of these creatures are very complex. Think about a chameleon. A chameleon can not only think, hunt, eat, and reproduce; it can also change color. Other animals are simple. Some do not even move.

Every set of alleles gives instructions for one trait. The combined alleles give directions saying whether or not dimples will show up. Alleles can be dominant or recessive. The trait for dimples is dominant. This means a baby needs only one dimple allele to be born with dimples. The trait for “no dimples” is recessive. A recessive trait needs to be the same in both alleles in order to appear. A baby with the “no dimples” allele from both parents would not have dimples. In the Lab Like Peas in a Pod Dominant and recessive traits were discovered by Gregor Mendel in the 1800s.

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