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Ancient Egyptian: A Linguistic Introduction by Antonio Loprieno PDF

By Antonio Loprieno

ISBN-10: 0521443849

ISBN-13: 9780521443845

ISBN-10: 0521448492

ISBN-13: 9780521448499

Предмет данного исследования - язык Древнего Египта. Используя данные современной лингвистики, автор рассматривает иероглифическую систему и ее рукописные варианты, фонетику, морфологию и синтаксис древнеегипетского языка, а также анализирует генетические связи с другими языками Ближнего Востока.Образцы сканов:

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1 forms, common to masculine and feminine, show the addition of an e1emc:nt n (in the dual nj] to the singular: (1) first person j (2) second person plural -In (from plural -n (**-ha > *-in), dual ~ n(*-inij); **-kina; the front vowel led to a palatalization of the velar stop: *-tin), dual =M(*ging; (3) third peson plural msn (**-sina > *-sin), dual =snj (*-sh$. " They arc used as object of transitive verbal phrases (mss=j sw "I see him"), as subject of adjectival sentences (nfr s w "he is good"), and as object of initial particles in verbal and adverbial sentences (mk wj m-bsh=k "behold, I am in front of you").

16 While many of these morphological features are indeed shared by other Afroasiatic languages, Egyptian stems resulting from the addition of a consonantal phoneme to a root tend to be lexicalized as new autonomous roots rather than treated as grammatical forms of the basic root: Egyptian, therefore, does not possess a full-fledged paradigm of verbal stems conveying semantic nuances of a verbal root similar to the ones we know from Semitic. The most common modifications of the root are: (1) the reduplication of the entire root or of a segment thereof.

Active participle *s6dim 'the one who hears" Passive participle *sAdmiw 'the one who is heard" < **samiw *&d "to say" Infinitive Passive part. s. *dvdFdat "what has been said" Past rel. s. pl. Infinitive Causative infinitive Nominal ending Nominal ending *man "to be stable" *siminit "to establishw *jammij U(typcof) vessel" *'aqwuw "income" (> "food") "to entern wsb "(to be) broad" *sibat "field"(< 'breadth") 4 Ekmmts of historical morphology 54 Vocalic skeletons generally determine the structure of nominal patterns and of basic conjugational forms, whereas semivocalic suffixes convey the expression of the plural, of adjectival forms of the verb (participles and relative forms), and of some conjugational patterns.

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Ancient Egyptian: A Linguistic Introduction by Antonio Loprieno

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