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New PDF release: An Illustrated History of Britain

By David McDowall

This can be an illustrated historical past of england from prehistoric occasions to the current day. The booklet analyzes the foremost political and armed forces occasions in British heritage, and the place acceptable, appears at those inside of a much broader, overseas context. It additionally describes way of life for women and men from various degrees of society in numerous a long time: the type of paintings they did, kin existence, and so forth. Emphasis can be put on cultural, highbrow, medical and fiscal advancements. significant advancements inside of Scotland, eire and Wales and the family members among those international locations and England also are mentioned.

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T h is was Robert Bruce, who had compe ted with John de Balliol for the th ron e. He was ab le to raise an army and defeat the English army in Sco tland. Edward I gathe red 33 6 Government and society Th e growth of government · Law and justice' Religious beliefs' Ordinary people in country and town ' T he growth of towns as centres of wealth· Language, literature and culture The growth of government W illiam th e Conqueror had govern ed England and Normandy by travelling from o ne place to another to make sure that his author ity was acce pted.

The Domesday Book tells us that ove r three-quarte rs of the co unt ry people were serfs. They were not free to leave th eir lord's service or his lan d wit hout permission. Even if they wanted ro run away, the re was nowhere to run to. Anyway, a serf's life, under his lord's protec t ion, was be tt er tha n th e life of an unp rot ect ed wanderer. O rder and protec tion, no matter how hard life might be, was always better than diso rder, when peop le would starve . The manorial syste m was not the same all over the coun try, and it did not stay the same th roughout the Middle Ages.

Below left NO\'efnber: perhaps it is fhe sal~ manknocking acorns or nurs fruma tree forhis pigs fa eat. The complere set of pictures SN)U,'S mixed fanning, u·hich produced cereals. 'ine and pigs. ' tenderly licks us cul/. Almost all the populatilm liwJ in the cmlncry. bUl COU'S uere kepcby rl)u''flspeopk too. This Jmnesric scene furs a tow:hinggemlm ess about il. Most landlords obtained the ir income directly from th e home farm, and also from letting out some of their land in return for ren t in crops or mon ey.

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