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By Sharon Sala

ISBN-10: 1565970454

ISBN-13: 9781565970458

Continually a girl (Kismet)

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Finally, puffing and winded, red-faced and sweaty, Lily had captured all but two pages of the paper, which had escaped on the outgoing tide. She started up her deck steps to the garbage can, opened the lid and began stuffing the wadded pages inside when she noticed the paper's origin. "Good grief," Lily muttered, "The Daily Oklahoman? " Curiosity and boredom got the better of her. It might be interesting to see what was happening halfway across the country. She yanked the pages from the garbage can, took them into the house to be straightened and put back into order, to be read later.

My name is Lily. Lily Brownfield. " The small, curvaceous woman gave Lily a quick but gentle once over, ignored the side of her face with studied aplomb, and then smiled. "I figured as much. Shoot. You'd be doing me a favor just to let me take you. That Case Longren is some hunk, hunh? I never pass up a chance to give him a hard time. " She laughed, deep and easy, and motioned for Lily to resume her seat on the stacked sacks of dog food. Lily smiled back, watching with interest as the sexy little woman went back to finish her shift.

She smiled to herself, knowing that neither she nor her father believed her brothers any kind of burden. "But, under no circumstances am I coming home to hide. " Morgan Brownfield sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He'd just had a mouthful of his own preachings thrown back in his face and couldn't argue with his daughter. She had him cold. "Okay," he muttered. "But if you do decide you want to come home . . just for a visit mind you . . you know you don't have to call. " "I know, Daddy, and thanks.

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Always a Lady by Sharon Sala

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