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Advances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular - download pdf or read online

By F. F. Nord

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Obviously respiration is necessary in order to control the clotting system of the protoplasm. Death occurs when this clotting is strong. The spotted or striated appearance of neurons of warm-blooded animals is due to condensation of the cytoplasmic fibrils which consist of the ribonucleic-acid-containing chromidia (Nissl substance) and the ribonucleic-acid-free interchromidia alternating regularly with each other. It is evident that the clotting and coarsening of the structure of the cytoplasm of the neurons occur rapidly when respiration ceases a t the moment of death of warmblooded animals.

The waves may be either long or short. They may move slowly or rapidly. The folding of polypeptide chains may be either strong or weak. Finally the folding capacity may be differeqt in different parts of fibrils. Thus, it seems that a great variety of protoplasmic functions have a common foundation. The specific functions are supposed to be merely modifications of one basic function common to all living fibrils, that is, active folding of polypeptide chains. In the following sections an attempt will be made to prove this hypothesis.

The remaining enzymes are not so strongly bound and therefore they are partially isolated when the granules are extracted from the cells. Recently some doubts have been expressed by Cla~de~(27) as to whether the presence of therespiratory enzymes within the chromidia (microsomes) has been proved. It is possible that the method used by this author prevented him from detecting these enzymes. Moreover, a great variety of hydrolyzing enzymes has been found to be present within the chromidia such as acid and alkaline phosphatases, ribonuclease, amylase, dipeptidase, trypsin, cathepsin, arginase, and adenylic acid deaminase (Brachet and Jeener, Chantrenne, Steinbach and Moog, et al.

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