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Download e-book for iPad: Achieving Against The Odds Cl (The New Academy) by Esther Kingston-Mann, Tim Sieber

By Esther Kingston-Mann, Tim Sieber

ISBN-10: 1566398509

ISBN-13: 9781566398503

ISBN-10: 1566398517

ISBN-13: 9781566398510

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In her 30 Kathleen M. Sands last semester, she came once to talk about her fear that God would think she was bad for being gay, and once more to tell me that this fear had subsided. In retrospect, I see that I stood in a bit for the walking-away mother, at least enough to keep Stacey from rejecting herself. I could name many similar instances in which my being available as an out teacher made a constructive impact on the lives of lesbian and gay students—Judy, a Jewish lesbian who studied with me for years, who sought a spiritual path different than but respectful of that of her Hassidic father (who in the end was able to celebrate at Judy’s wedding, which I also attended); John, a closeted gay man, who hated straight people because of the antigay slurs he was never spared from hearing; Meg, a lesbian who was trying to reclaim her sexuality and live with her rage after a gang rape; Billy, an openly gay man with AIDs who, in addition to facing his own physical decline, had to decide whether to assist with the suicide of a dying friend.

6. txtϾ; James P. , Rallying the Whole Village: The Comer Process for Reforming Education (New York: Teachers College Press, 1996); Deborah Meier, The Power of Their Ideas: Lessons for American from a Small School in Harlem (Boston: Beacon Press, 1995). 7. See Donna Duffy, Teaching Within the Rhythms of the Semester (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1995), p. 137. 8. ” Inventio: Creative Thinking about Learning and Teaching 1, no. 1 (1999). 9. : Ablex, 1993). 16 Esther Kingston-Mann and Tim Sieber 10.

But her story leaves off before her full sexual awakening, which is foreshadowed only by her closeness with a lesbian aunt. Dwelling on her lesbianism would therefore have violated my first defensive principle: don’t appear to be making an issue of it unless it plainly is an issue. The theme of physical and sexual abuse, on the other hand, is central to the book. I would therefore lead them in examining the abuse the character Bone suffers at the hands of her stepfather, while avoiding the subtextual question that, I suspect, preoccupied many students: does she become a lesbian because a man abused her?

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Achieving Against The Odds Cl (The New Academy) by Esther Kingston-Mann, Tim Sieber

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