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Download e-book for kindle: ¡A dormir!: Cómo solucionar el problema del insomnio by Eduard Estivill

By Eduard Estivill

El método definitivo para hacer dormir a los niños
Un tercio de los niños padecen insomnio, es decir, se resisten a acostarse y se despiertan varias veces cada noche. Ello puede tener graves consecuencias. Los niños se vuelven irritables e inseguros y, a medio plazo, pueden acabar teniendo problemas para relacionarse con los demás; en los padres, el inevitable agotamiento puede perjudicar su vida conyugal. Este libro, rigurosamente científico, no sólo explica cómo enseñarles a dormir bien desde el principio, sino que revela cómo acabar definitivamente con el problema. El sencillo método del health professional Eduard Estivill, uno de los principales expertos en temas de insomnio infantil, ha funcionado en el ninety six por ciento los casos en los que se ha aplicado y ha ayudado a dormir a much de niños alrededor del mundo. Dormir bien es esencial para el desarrollo físico y psychological de los niños, y lograr que duerman bien es primary para l. a. estabilidad de los angeles familia. En esta edición actualizada y revisada, el general practitioner Estivill les ofrece a todos los padres y educadores l. a. oportunidad de conseguir que los niños duerman adecuadamente desde el primer día de vida.

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Your baby is adjusting to being outside the womb. ✰ Take time to bond with your baby. This is an important time to create a sense of security for your baby and a sense that you will be able to be a good parent. ✰ Your baby can only see clearly 8-12 inches away from her face at birth, but will be able to see you across the room by the end of the third month. ✰ Your baby responds to your voice and may “talk” back to you by the end of the third month. ✰ You can help your baby learn the rules of language by talking, singing, and reading.

All babies are mimics and they want to copy what you are doing. They learn to do everything by watching you, including signing. Your baby will sign to you if you sign to him. As long as your baby is not suffer- Sometimes babies will sign to other people—like signing CANDY on a friend. ing from any disabilities or developmental setbacks, his success in signing will have more to do with your willingness to teach him than with anything else. If you are consistent in your signing interactions, your baby should catch on and will sign back when he has the motor skills to do so.

Com. IMPORTANT: Be careful to not ask any child who can sign to “perform” a sign. Children should never be asked to sign as a performance, as this is an unnatural request and will not be successful. If you want to demonstrate a child’s signing abilities, place that child in a situation where she will sign naturally. For example, ask her if she wants an apple. She will sign APPLE to reply in the affirmative. Baby Sign_Internals 7/26/07 9:54 AM Page 41 Birth to Three Months–I’m Just Not Ready Yet, But… ✮ 41 A caregiver’s reluctance to sign with your baby may stem from fears that she has to learn a whole new language to sign with your child.

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