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C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley's A Comprehensive English Grammar PDF

By C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley

ISBN-10: 0582520401

ISBN-13: 9780582520400

ISBN-10: 0582520428

ISBN-13: 9780582520424

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Example text

He got him i n the back. an . g . A dj ccJit'( $ Occa sion ally ow n is u sed wi th t he - ' . >. sse"Sl\'e ad jectives [ have bought my 0Wt1 book . I don 't need . \ . er ' . you. Here s a book W e haven't enough t ime. W e h aven 't time mQugh. g. po We have done en0t4gh work for today. There are t710ugll chairs to seat everybody . (See also Chapter T en , DcUrllli,lativcs,) P OSSESSIVE AD JECTIV ES { OT HE R T he possessive adj ectives-with their corresponding personal pronouns arc: Personal Pronoun I thou t '"she ;t I Possessive Adjective my thv his l h" its Pt1solhll P QSSH SIV( Pronal'" A dj,ct i~'e w, om your you I \ one'S on.

I will gtvc you /urth" details later. 1 shall need / llrthrr help with this. Fa r/lust and /,lr/h tst are interchanseable, Specl . g. The major part of his work . T his is a minor po int . ja r are not really corresponding forms to the superlative and comparative. Th ey have a semant ic connection but arc from differen t roots . W ell is generally an adverb (see p. 2i T). reU. 1U is an adjective in such expressions as to beifeel /look/faH ill: and in ill health /news /luck (but bud w ould be more usual).

I 'll tell you something very im portant. That's mJtlling " tV. He'll provide trtryl1Jing 1ltctssary. There is somtont h url, I think . g . Alfred the Grt,u. William the SiZe"' . Ivan the Ttrn'btt . g. I have answered all the letters reuivtd. After the accident the policeman took the names of the people involvtd. 1gh a door open ing on to tile garden. ' Tb~5(: wa~ , . :. ~ c1a ll""', 'who " ptnny savtd is a pe nny gained. he words mt"tiOll ,'J below... , . ecede th e nou n. g. a broken bottle; a painttd ta ble; rr'," jrtg child.

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