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A Companion to Clare of Assisi (Brill's Companions to the by by Joan Mueller PDF

By by Joan Mueller

ISBN-10: 9004182160

ISBN-13: 9789004182165

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33 Process 17. 34 Process 18. 35 Process 19. 36 Process 20. 37 Process 1:2. 38 Process 1:3. 39 Process 1:4. 40 For historical information concerning this sixth-century shrine dedicated to Michael the Archangel see John Charles Arnold, “Arcadia becomes Jerusalem: Angelic Caverns and Shrine Conversion at Monte Gargano,” Speculum 75:3 (2000): 567–88. 41 Process 1:4. 31 20 chapter one journey. 42 A number of the other sisters also contributed details concerning Clare’s early life. 43 Most likely this house was in Perugia, and Clare stayed with Benvenuta while her family was in exile.

42 chapter two According to Sister Benvenuta, one of these horsehair shirts was still in the S. Damiano monastery at the time of Clare’s death. Certain sisters also tried wearing these hair shirts but, when they were unable to endure them, Clare willingly extended kindness to them. 34 According to Sister Cecilia, after Clare had heard that certain brothers had been martyred in Morocco, she desired to go there and endure martyrdom for love of the Lord. Perhaps remembering her fear that Clare might leave them, Cecilia wept as she recounted this story.

Process 4:2. Process 12:2. Process 12:3. the franciscan choice 27 Abbadesse. When her relatives came to S. 89 Seeing that she no longer had the potential beauty to be bartered as a bride, her family likely disowned her and abandoned her to her fate. With Clare’s safety from her relatives assured, Francis, Brother Bernard, and Brother Philip took Clare to the Church of S. Angelo di Panzo near S. Damiano, where there lived a small settlement of penitential women. Clare stayed there a short while before moving permanently to S.

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A Companion to Clare of Assisi (Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, 21) by by Joan Mueller

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